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About Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong

Some Background Information

Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong was born in 1940 in Fukien, China. He is currently residing in Jakarta, Indonesia. He has been called to be a minister of the gospel when he was 17. His living objectives are to remove intellectual barriers to Christian faith, and to lead people back to and shine for Christ through his version of Reformed Theology.

He is firmly rooted in a certain branch of Reformed Theology and identify himself as a proponent of Cornelius Van Til's apologetic method. He is also a composer, a conductor, an artist, and an architect. And so he has vast and extensive knowledge of arts, music, philosophy, science, antiques and architecture. He has founded and currently serves as the President of the Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International (STEMI).

Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong's Works:
Rev. Tong is a member of the International Consultants of the Lausanne Committee of World Evangelization. He has delivered addresses in many international conferences, including the World Reformed Congress in Johannesburg 2006, Second International Congress on World Evangelism (Lausanne II) in 1989 at Manila, International Prayer Assembly in Seoul 1985, and as the Seminar Leader in Amsterdam 1986.

He taught theology and philosophy in the Southeast Asian Bible Seminary (Seminari Alkitab Asia Tenggara) in Malang for 24 years (1964-1988) and currently teaches at the Reformed Evangelical Seminary (Sekolah Teoloji Reformed Injili) in Jakarta where he is the founder. He is the author of more than 75 books, including "Theology of Evangelism", "Strategy of Evangelism", "Between God and Man", "Holy Spirit and Gospel", "The Examples from Christ", and "Culture and the Fall".

In 1990, Rev. Tong founded the Indonesian Reformed Evangelical Foundation, which includes a full time theological seminary, the Theological Institute for laymen, the Jakarta Oratorio Society, and a literature department and a theological translation center, and features activities such as city-wide evangelistic rallies, mass theological seminars, and youth and teenager counseling.

Since 2000, Rev. Tong has preached expository sermons weekly on the Book of Romans, Hebrews, and James in Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, and Taipei.

In 1996, Rev. Tong founded the Reformed Institute for Christianity and 21st Century in Washington D.C., to equip Christians for global evangelization in the 21st Century by training them in the areas of reformed theology, apologetics, evangelism, and the critical study of Eastern and Western cultures. On 15 April 2006, together with Dr. Benyamin Intan, he founded The Reformed Center for Religion and Society (Pusat Pengkajian Bagi Agama dan Masyarakat).

Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong is the main person behind the newly constructed Cathedral of Messiah (Katedral Mesias) and the Reformed Millennium Center of Indonesia. The center has an auditorium with 8,000 seating capacity, houses a seminary, a university, and a museum of Chinese porcelain.

The center has since hosted a series of World Reformed Fellowship (WRF) events such as the WRF Global Theological Education Conference, WRF Board of Directors Meeting, WRF Asian Regional Meeting, and WRF Theological Commission Meeting. Add to that, between 24th - 29th March 2009 the center held a theological symposium involving international theologians to commemorate John Calvin's 500th year anniversary.

Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong's Academic Background
He pursued a Bachelor Degree in Theology (B.Th) at the Southeast Asian Bible Seminary (Seminari Alkitab Asia Tenggara), located in the city of Malang, Indonesia. In 1985, he was awarded an honorary Doctorate in Leadership in Christian Evangelism (D.L.C.E) from the La Madrid International Academy of Leadership in Manila, in the Philippines. Besides that, in 2008 he was conferred an honorary Doctor of Divinity (D.D) by the Westminster Theological Seminary, USA.


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Michael Paul 白霈德牧師 said...

Thank you for your work in collecting this data on Dr. Tong. I am also doing a bit of analysis of his theology.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Michael Paul,

Thank you for taking interest in this blog. I'm glad it is helpful to u.

Levin said...

I never know you guys are a follower of reformed theology taught by Stephen Tong. I am not a fan of him, but I am a fan of truth, and nothing have I founded that he has said logically incorrect. Glad someone shares about Fact rather than opinion, and glad until today we still have someone who stick to the 'bible' instead of cutting the bible according to our motivation.

May be we can keep in touch. My name is Erwin and I am studying Economics, and I hope I can contribute in God's Works many ways.

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