Monday, May 5, 2008

Humans Vocal Cords

“Vocal cords only can be found in humans. Animals do not have it. Vocal cords are given by God so that humans can communicate God’s ‘logos’ (truth).”
(“Wen Ti Jie Ta” CD -14 Aug 2005, translator: Yang Tuck Meng, track 11)

Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong is wrong about vocal cords. Almost all animals have vocal cords. They are just different in the position, size, and hence functions. There are animals that have the same vocal cords as humans. In fact, human infants share the same vocal cords with apes. See this article from McGill University's website.

W. Tecumseh Fitch, Lecturer in Psychology at University of St. Andrews, whose major research is on evolution and neural basis of cognition and communication, has pointed out that vocal cords that are similar with humans’ are found in animal like the red deer (Cervus elaphus).

David Reby, Lecturer in Psychology at University of Sussex, on the red deer's vocal cords discovery:


Dumb Ox said...

hi there,

Great site. I love it. Yea I think Stephen Tong is a very hardworking and smart guy, but he really needs to be careful with what he says. He needs to double triple check his facts. He talks in other fields that are not of his expertise, with such great confidence and charisma. He sounds as if he's a professor in theology, philosophy, physics, biology, arts, and the list goes on ad infinitum. He's actually a humble guy off the altar, but once he's on that altar, he just disses everybody .. and often incorrectly. He's obviously too busy evangelizing that his 'study' time is cut short.

I think adherents of "Tongism" should read your blog, because too many people think that he's the Asian Da Vinci of theology. But I also think that new Christians shouldn't because he does save a lot of people from his evangelism.

Post more, dude. I'll read them. It seems that not too many ppl leave comments on your posts. =\

Dumb Ox said...

hey there,

yea he often misinforms people with GREAT CONFIDENCE if not boasting. It's very unfortunate that he has this 'attitude problem' on the altar, because I find the guy much more down to earth outside of church.

I think adherents of "Tongism" should read your blog, because too many people think that he's the Asian Da Vinci. He steps beyond his expertise way too many times, acting as if he was a professor of theology, philosophy, biology, physics, art, and the list goes on ad infinitum.

But I think, you have to always 'forgive' him because indeed God uses him to convert many people to Christianity. He's not perfect. Unfortunately he overcriticizes everybody else often based on wrong premises. I hope somehow someday this Stephen Tong will calm down and realize that he needs to re-evaluate his role as a preacher, not as the 'Supreme Professor' of all fields. =\

Write more, I'll read them. Too bad no one responds to your posts.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi dumb ox,

Would you introduce yourself more besides the hint that you are a Thomist? :)

"Tongism" is an interesting word. I label those who adhere to Tongism as 'Tongians'.

This blog is not to devalue Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong's contributions in evangelism. It is a critical evaluation of his sermons and theology. Add to that, since there are many people who are being converted through him, then I think he has to be more critical with what he says because he is influential.

The thing is that it is not easy to post on this blog because of the long hours it takes to do research. The research includes listening to Rev. Dr. Tong's sermons over and over again for a few times so that I really understand his point before I comment. That alone takes up hours.

I can only do that when I'm free.

I'll be posting some from his 'Creation vs Evolution' sermons soon.

Good to have you here.

Dumb Ox said...

oh my bad ... i posted twice, apparently my first post got through. Impressive that you know Aquinas' nickname, so ya, I'm obviously not a strict Reformed protestant. well anyways, i go to the indonesian evangelical church in US. The blog is in Indonesian: .Several of our pastors were students of Stephen Tong, and there are several Tongians in the church too. It's actually kinda nice because Tongians know their (Reformed) theology quite well, but then again you also end up with the absolutist nature of Tongism talks sometimes.

well since you're going over his evolution n creationism stuff, I think somewhere he said that animals have no self-consciousness, because they can't recognize themselves in the mirror ... that's false. You can just google the references, there are several papers on animal self-reflection & consciousness. But that might have been from his "Image of God" talks .. not sure.

Sze Zeng said...

Thomas Aquinas is famous for that nickname.

>It's actually kinda nice because Tongians know their (Reformed) theology quite well

I don't think so, dumb ox. They only know a branch of Reformed theology, which is widely rooted in Amsterdam (A.Kuyper) and the Old Princeton (B.Warfield, C.Hodge).

The thing is that Reformed theology is much richer than tongians think. It encompasses a wider community than Amsterdam and Old Princeton.

I think it's the 'image of God' sermon :)