Monday, May 5, 2008

Thomas H. Huxley Is Not An 'Adamic Monogenist'

"Without Spencer and Huxley, Darwin's theory of evolution would not have become so widespread. Yet these two men believed that people of all races must come from a single couple (the same parents)."
(Creation vs Evolution - Part 4, 23 July 2006. The sermon note available here)

"Both Spencer and Huxley acknowledge humankind from all races come from a pair of husband and wife."
(“Chrsitianity and World Religions and Cultures” CD -17 till 20 Aug 2007, translator: Yang Tuck Meng, track 5)

There is no documentation that Thomas Henry Huxley (picture above) think that the world-wide distributed people come from a "single couple" (the same parents). Huxley himself wrote in 'Critiques and Addresses' that the issue on the origin of human races is an "open question". He does not identify himself as either as an 'Adamic monogenist' that believes that all races come from a "single couple"( the same parents). In his own words,

"Five-sixths of the public are taught this Adamitic Monogenism, as if it were an established truth, and believe it. I do not; and I am not acquainted with any man of science, or duly instructed person, who does."
(Critiques and Addresses; Emphasis added. The online book available here and here)

Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong is wrong here. Huxley does not think that humans come from a single couple. Between the Adamic monogenism and many forms of polygenism , he sees himself more incline to the idea that our current diverse humans distribution around the world comes from a single species through evolution, not same parents.


Steven Sim said...

u are too sensitive towards ST's teachings, for good or for bad.

Anyway, i spoke to u on wallace that day, i think ST just got trivial notes "wrong" as in he made general statements which were not intended to be detailed facts.

For Huxley, i guess, since both passage from ST you quoted didn't mention "Adamite", we can't fault ST for making huxley say "adamite", huxley is after all a believer of monogenism and it is natural after all for those in this view to trace humanity back to a single source. To say "adamite" is to bring it further to give biblical details (and of course the young earth age). Huxley would probly agree on humanity, esp. "all race" came from a single parents.

Get in touch with ST folks to engage ur tots here...if you collect too many criticism, you'll overwhelm them. So, present these criticism as they are being made available.

Steven Sim

Sze Zeng said...

I am too sensitive? Not. I am just adhering to what Rev. Dr. ST told us to do, that is to handle truths (facts) as careful as we should. Besides, he himself is as sensitive to others whom he is critical on, such as preachers from Charismatic movement. I don't see why should I negate his own manner towards others on himself.

And the point of 'trivial wrongs' is an understatement. He is misquoting others to back his rhetorics in his argument and I dont think that in anyway able to be credited.

Huxley didn't and would not agree that all races from a single parents! In his day, the idea of 'a single parents' is synonymous with 'Adamite monergism' as Huxley himself written in Critiques and Addresses.

I'm always in touch with those who support ST. In fact, one of my colleague attends his service every Sunday.