Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A.R. Wallace & 'The Principle of Biology'

Dalil ini membuktikan satu kalimat dari orang yang hidup sezaman dengan Darwin bernama Wallace. Dalam bukunya, “The Principle of Biology,” Wallace mengatakan ada yang disebut natural selection (penyisihan alam). Buku itu terbit sebelum Darwin menulis pikirannya tentang evolusi...
(Stephen Tong, Creation or Evolution [Bagian 1]. Italics original. Retrieved on 13 August 2008)

Translation: ...in his book, "The Principle of Biology," Wallace wrote on natural selection...

Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong at some occasions claimed that A. R. Wallace and Charles Darwin co-authored a book titled "The Principle of Biology". Here, he states that Wallace wrote the book. In both cases, Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong is wrong.

A.R Wallace and Charles Darwin co-wrote only an article. And that article is not titled "The Principle of Biology". Wallace wrote about '22 full-length books and at least 747 shorter pieces, 508 of which were scientific papers' (retrieved from Wikipedia on 13 August 2008), and none of them titled "The Principle of Biology".

It is clear that Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong is fabricating facts here.

For an exhaustive collection of A. R. Wallace's published works, you may visit Western Kentucky University website: http://www.wku.edu/%7Esmithch/wallace/bibintro.htm