Friday, September 11, 2009

Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong knows about this blog?

Today while corresponding with a friend who has attended Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong's weekly preaching, I was told that this blog might has already been known to him.

Not sure if Rev. Dr. Tong was referring to this blog when he said that (paraphrase), "Someone has been monitoring my speeches and pick faults from them... I’m not perfect and I make mistakes… why don’t people quote the hundreds of factual claims I made which that are correct and not focusing on 1 or 2 that are errant?"

Firstly, if he was referring to this blog, then this blog has served well. Secondly, this shows that Rev. Dr. Tong is a humble man who is also in the process of learning, like everyone of us. A commendable and exemplary virtue. Thirdly, nonetheless Rev. Dr. Tong's humility vindicates the veracity of the information provided in this blog.

Hopefully Rev. Dr. Tong would start to be careful when quoting sources or making references from others. Perhaps he does not know how many of his listeners have been transmitting his uninformed remarks around. Within my own tiny social, spatial, and location constraints, I have come across a few.

Humbly, this site serves to alert not only Rev. Dr. Tong but also to others who fabricate or manipulate truth with half-truth to evangelize.

No one should think that the truth is out there and far away. Not even theologically and philosophically trained evangelist. The truth is nearer to us than we think.

However that someone who has been monitoring Rev. Dr. Tong's speeches is also someone who has deep respect and high admiration for the Rev.'s work and his honorable life.


thought and journey of trivina said...

Seeing this blog is like curing my heart from missing his classes and sermons. He has been a godly figure for me, even in his weaknesses- we are all imperfect! In his such busy schedule, I wonder how could he still be able to take care for small things, like: giving watches for some of his students who hadn't watch, and helping a woman bringing a heavy box of books into the lift at Granadha (years ago). What an attentive man of God he is.

valerian said...

i found it refreshing that someone is attempting to create educated arguments in criticizing stephen tong. no doubt that he makes mistakes in his sermons but after all he never prepares beforehand and everything he says is based on his memory. i think that he is doing very well considering that fact. besides he is not speaking to theologians/ philosophers in an academic environment. i doubt that most people would be too concerned with whether he wrongly referred a journal article as a book. i look forward to more educated arguments pertaining to the ideas he conveys in his speeches.

Yamint said...

Dr. Tong's doctoral degree is a honorary degree presented to him by academic institution, he is not even a master of theology. He might not be as bright as other theologians who has real doctorate degree and mistakes or errors in his preaching, teaching and sermons can easily be detected by a real professional academic minded person like you but nevertheless it is his work attitude and tireless effort that made him a great evangelist. I think rather than you silently put this blog behind Dr. Tong's back, you should openly talk to him about his mistake and errors. A man with Godly character like Dr. Tong will be able to accept criticisms and corrections as long as it is a good criticism and positive corrections, and he might be thankful that you show him his mistake, so that he will not repeat his mistake.